LA Weekly named the Ford the Best Music Venue in Los Angeles!

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Invest in your community.

Did you know that the oldest existing performance spaces classified as “theatrical areas” are located on the island of Crete?

Okay, it's true. We are a bit preoccupied lately with performance space, what with the stage we have all come to know and love in the process of being completely reconstructed.

We’re committed to rebuilding this beloved performance space while honoring the history of the venue and making improvements that enhance the art created here. From working with noted architect Brenda Levin to meticulously choosing the kind of wood from which the stage will be built to listening to the feedback of the artists who present in our season, we’re doing our best to do exactly that.

But, all this hard work means nothing if the new stage isn’t filled with breathtaking and truly memorable performances. And, what’s more, if the space isn’t accessible to as many people as possible.

This is where you can play a role. We invite you to invest in your community. Support the Ford Theatre Foundation, a nonprofit that assists Ford artists, presents free and low-cost programs, and provides tickets and transportation to hundreds of families each year.

If you’ve had a magical moment or two seeing a show or picking up some moves at a JAM Session, please consider spreading the joy to others by making a tax deductible donation.


Please go here to read about the FORD THEATRES PROJECT.